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For the smart management of your factory and or machinery you require a High Level Control system (HLC). These systems are most likely complex tailor made software-applications, which are the linking pin between your ERP on one hand and your PLC embedded software on the other hand.

Festa is a specialist in the development of these complex tailor made HLC systems from design, development, hosting and maintenance and we do so since 2008.

Based on our own software development framework Festa Engine, that leverages the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) principle with a custom Domain Specific Language (DSL) into generated code, we develop these systems at an unprecedented high level of productivity.

High productivity means high quality and shorter throughput times and therefore we promise our customers a high Return on Investment.

To provide factory owners and machine manufacturers a total vertical end-to-end solution to develop, test and modify your machine park first time right, Festa has taken the initiative to set-up a new venture www.softwareport.eu, together with Cordis and Unit040.

In practice, this means that Softwareport supports companies from the development of a machine through to control and integration in the overall operating procedure – all based on smart data usage. As such, the development time for machines can be cut in half and opens the way to think about new profitable business models and processes.

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