Reap the benefits

Stay and remain in control of your highly adaptive factory/machinery. Be future proof by start making challenges visible and measurable. Increase your understanding of your system. Make sound managerial decisions based on meaningful data.


With our simulation and improved algorithm we proved that the existing machinery with 6 pick-robots could be reduced to 4 without compromising the output.


With our simulation and improved algorithm we increased the number of timely shipments from an initial poor 40% to 100%.


We successfully met customer's expectations to realise their benefits of the developed Digital Twin of the Scannojet in the fields of Pre-sales, Development, Maintenance and Training.

Item picker

Together with our hardware partner, we showcased that pick order profiles could easily be altered resulting in an instant change of the required behavior of the pick-robots. The software that was used to drive the simulation was the same code which runs the hardware PLC.

Your business is becoming more complex by the day

To stay ahead of the competition and cater to modern consumer and public demands, your systems are becoming increasingly more complex.

Your customers require more


"Customise and personalise your offering"


"Handle changes swiftly"


"Be highly responsive and have short delivery times"


"Deliver value for money"

While using less

Energy consumption

"Attain the highest green energy labels"


"Attract the highly scarce more qualified employees in an aging population"

Raw materials

"Be more efficient and develop cradle-to-cradle concepts"

Natural resources

"Avoid waste and pollution, reduce your environmental footprint"

All without raising prices!

Master complexity through simulation

It is very difficult to predict what impact changes will have on your complex and integrated system. By simulating all kinds of what-if scenarios you can face your challenges head-on.

Expand your business

Can you get more out of your existing factory or is it time to create a new one?

More flexibility

How to increase your product offering variety? Can you do more with the same system?

Digitalisation and mechanisation

How will the technical advances fit in your organisation? Will they yield the promised Return On Investment?

Continuous system improvement

How to learn from day-to-day operations and prevent expensive mistakes in the future?

FESTA builds high quality software applications

FESTA's product suite, Festa INSIGHT, Festa ENGINE and Festa JUKEBOX, enables you/us to develop software applications at an unprecedented high level of productivity and quality.


Festa Insight is a simulation-emulation platform, which supports you to understand and improve the dynamics of your system in a risk-free environment, with increased accuracy and with reduced uncertainty.


"Error free code through automatic code generation" and "graphic modelling" are the decisive factors for this software development framework. Festa ENGINE stands for first-time-right high quality software.


Festa JUKEBOX, in combination with Festa Engine, is a powerful tool to execute Use Cases without the need to first develop a User Interface.


Festa INSIGHT is a problem solving tool that solves real-world problems safely and efficiently in a 2D and/or 3D representation by developing software first-time-right and by using scrutinised, persistent and fully tested data.

Festa INSIGHT provides an important method of analysis which is easily communicated, verified, and understood and provides valuable solutions by giving clear insights into complex systems.

Festa INSIGHT enables experimentation on a valid digital 2D and 3D representation of a system and is computer based, uses algorithms and equations. But very important to realise is the fact that these algorithms and equations will ultimately drive the real system. Festa INSIGHT is NOT an animation tool.

Festa INSIGHT modeling provides a safe way to test and explore different “what-if” scenarios, hereby collecting valuable data to analyse, which are subsequently presented in self-explanatory graphs and tables.

Virtual experiments with Festa INSIGHT are much less expensive and take less time than experiments with real assets. Our simulation runs are at least 24 times faster than real time. Substantial sums of money and time can be saved.


Festa Engine is a software development platform which enables you to develop software with an unprecedented high level of productivity and quality.

Festa Engine is a software development framework that leverages the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) principle with a custom Domain Specific Language (DSL). By using the Festa Engine, development teams are more productive while increasing the quality of their code. Also, with the backed architecture that is implicit with the Festa Engine, software development teams do not have to worry about the standard architectural concerns that usually come with software development.

Key aspects of the Festa Engine are:

  • Proven architecture that is highly performant, secure, scalable and maintainable.
  • 80% of the software developed with the Festa Engine is generated, leaving less room for error and more joy to developers (no more boiler plate code).
  • The Festa Engine does not use any proprietary libraries. No lock-in or runtime fees. The generated code and resulting application is the users own and does not require the Festa Engine to run.
  • Supports Java JEE and .Net on the server-side and Java JSE, C# and TypeScript on the client-side.


Festa JUKEBOX, in combination with Festa Engine, is a powerful tool to execute Use Cases without the need to first develop a User Interface.

Festa Jukebox is a generic User Interface which enables you to execute and to test Use Cases. Normally you require to implement the whole system including a User Interface in order to be able to do that.

With Festa Jukebox you are able to implement the whole back-end of a system without a User Interface. In particular Back-End programmers highly value this tool as it provides them with instant and relevant feed-back. Front-End programmers highly value the tool as it provides them with an instant overview of what to build.

Our area of expertise

Festa, incorporated in 2009, has gained a lot of experiences in the field of Material Handling, Warehousing, Planning Systems and Financial Services.

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